Att ladda energi


I am certainly not alone in these positive feelings when spring begins to sprout, the sun, the heat and the light return after a long autumn / winter.

The blackbirds, which by the way are one of my favorite birds, start singing so, so beautifully, then I know that spring is on its way.

But still, I get just as fascinated every year. It's so wonderful when I feel that my life batteries are starting to charge, okay, a little setback every now and then, we're only in March. A well-being spreads like a rippling stream throughout the body. It is almost as if creativity is also brought to life. Lots of ideas spin around in your head just waiting to be brought to the surface. Ideas that are both about my art, which you will see in the future, and everything that picks up my attention outdoors.

As for my art, it works well to show and sell it online in these Corona times, both on my website here, at my FB page and on my Instagram page. Then when the times get better for all of us, I will have a physical exhibition, which I long for.

And as I said, I will use a lot of my energy for all the ideas I have that in between also just be..

That's almost the most important thing.

Sunshine hugs Carina

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