To turn off the inner critic

Many of you can probably recognize yourself in this, right?

You know if you're doing something that you're quite happy with, then your inner critic starts to grab your attention and do everything in his power to make you start to doubt if your work is really something to be proud of. And what's strange is that we often find it easier to listen to this little "bastard" than to silence it. It can even go so far that I, who in my case with the painting throws or paints over what I previously thought was nice.

How sick is that?

It can actually be really hard to silence the critic, but when he, because it's a "he", is too loud, I have found a way to silence him.

I start using collage, writing, stamping and colors in my creation. This gives me completely free hands to create without having expectations of how the end result will be. It can be as it wants, and when I then look at what I have done, I am often surprised by the result, really satisfied.

Often to get started, I start collecting different pictures and the like and then start putting everything together in my workbook, my art journal. There I give myself completely free hands because it is only mine and no one else's. A place where I feel completely free, and the little "bastard" stays away.

This is my way of keeping him quiet the times he shows up.

Sunshine hugs Carina

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