Life is here and now

It's so easy that we think "I'll do it later", but "late" may never come. Life is right now!

I myself have lived like this, or do it a little still, but I have definitely become better at taking care of life and what I want to do.

From a young age, I have been taught how life should work, and like many of us, I was fooled. I did not think there was a choice but it was meant to fit into the template where all the "tables" were. That delusion has been in the spine for far too many years along with the voice of the ego and Jante, all to keep me "stuck" where I felt deep inside that I did not want to be. The voice of the heart has cried out for me all these years, but I have not dared to listen to it. Afraid of being perceived as strange, afraid of standing out from the crowd and afraid of being judged.

Life has taken me on many different paths, both good and less good and all these paths have, together with the years, led me to where I am now.

Now I live through the heart instead and am exactly where I always wanted to be in life. The fear is sometimes reminded, but now it is much easier to ward it off. I do what I love, i.e. create from the desire of the heart and finally dare to show and stand for who I really am and what my passions are.

So think about it ...

Life is lived now, not later!

Sunshine hugs Carina

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